"She's already 21!": How was the fate of the "girl on the basketball"

«She’s already 21!»: How was the fate of the «girl on the basketball»

 «She’s already 21!»: How was the fate of the «girl on the basketball»

A girl named Qian Hongyan is a real example for many. Her fate inspires not to give up and always go towards your goal. And Qian’s story is especially helpful for people with disabilities.

The fact is that she has been deprived of legs since childhood, but this does not prevent her from achieving success in various fields and winning the title of champion.

It all happened when Qian was only 4 years old. She survived a terrible accident in which she lost both legs. The family had no money for prostheses, so I had to get used to living in a new way.

At first, the parents carried the baby in their arms, and then the girl’s grandfather came up with an unusual device for moving her granddaughter. He cut open a basketball and put Qian in it, and gave her sticks to push off.

Relatives recorded a video in which the baby moves in such an unusual way, and it became popular on the network. Since then, Qian Hongyan has been known around the world as «the girl on the basketball».

Everyone was amazed by the willpower of the little girl because she independently got to school with the help of her device. However, instead of 7 minutes, it took Qian about an hour.

When she was 8, the government of the country nevertheless helped the girl, and she was given artificial limbs. So Qian took her first steps.

By the way, it helped the girl to fulfill her dream. The fact is that she was very fond of swimming, and after receiving prostheses, she was able to fully begin to do it. In addition, Qian dreamed of participating in the Paralympic Games, but for a long time, she could not get to them. And now, in 2016, her dream came true.

Now she is a swimming champion, has many medals and is famous all over the world. She is a real example for everyone ready to give up. After all, if there were forces to live and win from her, then there will be everyone!

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