What the grandchildren of the most eminent Hollywood stars look like

What the grandchildren of the most eminent Hollywood stars look like

 What the grandchildren of the most eminent Hollywood stars look like

Gregory Peck – Ethan Peck

In the appearance of actor Ethan Peck there are slight similar facial features with his famous grandfather Gregory Peck. He managed to become a pretty good actor as well by performing in such projects as «Star Trek: Discovery» and «10 Things I Hate About You». According to him, he never felt the pressure of his ancestor’s famous past, quietly moving towards his dream of becoming an actor no matter whose grandson he is.

Alain Delon — Alison Le Borge

The eldest granddaughter of Alain Delon, Alison Le Borge, adopted the features of her grandfather, becoming a charming girl. She was brought up by her mother as her father, the son of Delon, left them as soon as he learned about the pregnancy of his beloved. The famous grandfather did not want to make contact with his granddaughter for a long time, until he first saw her at the age of 11 and was shocked by the amazing resemblance. Alison herself admitted that sometimes she really discerns him in the reflection. She managed to graduate from a theater university in Paris, but so far her career as an actress is going very uncertainly.

Brigitte Bardot — Anne Charrier

Brigitte Bardot was completely preoccupied with herself and her newfound fame, so she had no time to raise her son Nicolas. She always claimed that she was not ready for motherhood. The relationship between her and her son developed quite badly, so her granddaughter Anne Charrier could not fully feel her grandmother’s love. Ann also became a theater and film actress, and, as many say, she was able to adopt the charm of her relative, having the same alluring energy.

Charlie Chaplin — Oona Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is undoubtedly a silent film legend and his popularity is well deserved. Throughout his life, he was able not only to star in many films, but also to have a considerable number of illegitimate children — there are more than 10. Many of his grandchildren were able to follow in his footsteps, but Una Chaplin became the most successful, who starred in such popular projects as Sherlock, Black Mirror and Game of Thrones. She also took part in the filming of «Avatar 2» by James Cameron.

Sophia Loren — Lucia Sophia Ponti

The eldest granddaughter of the burning Italian actress Sophia Loren is a girl named Lucia, who clearly bears some resemblance to her star grandmother. She grew up surrounded by creative people: her father was a director, her mother was an actress, and her uncle was a conductor. For this reason, she also decided to connect her life with art and began to actively dance and perform at various competitions, as well as TV shows.

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